Morgan Elite Specialist Services, LLC continues to expand and move forward as we help communities across the great state of Texas and beyond! Our team members are hard workers, intelligent, and driven to provide outstanding customer service.

We would like to introduce Jared, one of our great team members in the Dallas-Fort Worth area! Here is Jared’s own insight on his background, how he became a public adjuster, and why he enjoys helping policy holders.

My name is Jared Derusha. I grew up on a farm in Southwest Oklahoma and earned a B.S. in Biology. I believe my upbringing and education prepared me to work long and unexpected hours, focus on completing a job from start to finish, and succeed in life. I attribute my competitive spirit to years of playing sports and the opportunity to play college basketball in Kansas. I wake up every day ready to challenge the ‘status quo’ and place my mark on the world by means of helping others.

Prior to becoming a public adjuster, I was in the roofing industry working with property owners to restore their homes to pre-loss conditions. Over time, I went from working sales to project managing and noticed that for every job in which I was involved, the insurance company would always try to settle legitimate claims with as little compensation as possible.

Knowing that insurance companies were low-balling policy holders even after they faithfully payed their premiums for years did not sit well with me. After awhile, I looked for a way to help insured people get what they are owed. The way I found, outside of becoming a lawyer, was to become a public adjuster.

Being a public adjuster allows me to come in contact with a diverse range of clients who keep me challenged in many ways. This encourages me to reach beyond myself and do my best to represent policy holders. I want to make a difference in everyone’s life that I encounter and I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. Building long lasting relationships is a key foundation in both my professional and personal routine.

Our knowledgeable team of public adjusters at Morgan Elite Specialist Services offer honest and professional advice in your best interest and can earn policyholders an additional 200-300% on their claims! Call us today at 855-445-3404 or email

It is important to note that some insurance companies are very reputable and ethical in their claim processing while others are not. At times we speak of difficult scenarios to inform the public of situations we deal with on a continual basis and we strive to recognize the problems, find solutions, and offer assistance.