Wow, central Texas experienced snow this past week! My family was excited and had a fun time playing in the white stuff before going inside to get warm and enjoy the evening. Before retiring for the night, we also needed to do our due diligence to ensure our pipes did not freeze.

Most people (including us) open the water faucets and let them drip to prevent pipes from freezing. Here are some additional tips to protect your home from sustaining damage during colder temperatures:

  • Insulate your pipes: Pipes are vulnerable to extensive damage during the winter months. Insulation is an added precaution which aids water flow and reduces the chance of freezing. Insulating will also help if you are absent for long periods of time and not able to check the pipes.
  • Monitor your utility bill: When the temperature is above freezing and you have stopped dripping the faucets, monitor your utility bill. Excess charges may indicate a leak.

Check windows and doorways: Insulate windows and doors against drafts to maintain inside temperature. Keeping the curtains drawn on windows that are not double paned or exposed to direct sunlight will also help keep in the warmth.

As a policy holder, the last thing you want to deal with is an insurance company who refuses to compensate your claim in the middle of winter! Our team of certified and experienced public adjusters at Morgan Elite Specialist Services can earn their clients 200%-300% more on their claims.

We offer honest and professional opinions. If you experience a pipe leak or explosion, we will assess your situation to see if it is viable for our assistance. Please call 855-445-3404 or email if we may help you in any way!