​The Texas Consumer Bill of Rights is a comprehensive reference tool outlining the parameters in which insurance companies must conduct business and the legal actions that are available to consumers. When purchasing insurance or filing claims, we would like to assume that all insurance companies behave properly and within the confines of state laws but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many people are unaware that these required laws and consumer rights are accessible to the general public.

Here are some important privileges concerning the insurance industry per the Texas Department of Insurance:

Prohibited Statements: Your insurance company or agent is prohibited from making false, misleading, or deceptive statements to you relating to insurance.
Explanation of Denial: Upon request, you have the right to be told in writing why you have been denied coverage. The written statement must fully explain the decision, including the precise incidents, circumstances, or risk factors that disqualify you. It must also state the sources of information used.
Not-at-fault claims: Your insurance company cannot refuse to renew your policy solely because of any of the following types of claims:

  • Claims involving damage from a weather-related incident that does not involve a collision, like damage from hail, wind or flood.
  • Accidents or claims involving damage by contact with animals or fowls.
  • Accidents or claims involving damage caused by flying gravel or flying objects; however, if you have three of these claims in a three year period, the insurance company may raise your deductible on your next renewal date.
  • Towing and labor claims; however, once you have made four of these claims in a three year period, the company may eliminate this coverage from your policy on your next renewal date.
  • Any other accident or claim that was not your fault unless you have two or more of these claims or accidents in a one year period.

The full bill of rights is available at . If you have experienced a violation of the Texas Consumer Bill of Rights from an insurance company, please notify the Texas Department of Insurance.
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