When and Why You Should Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster in Texas

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When you file a claim for damaged property, your insurance company will send its adjuster to evaluate the damage. However, you can also hire an public adjuster in Texas to ensure that the insurance company offers a reasonable settlement.

Individuals and even businesses hire these professionals when they need assistance filing a claim or when they believe that the settlement amount offered by the insurance company doesn’t reflect the damage.

Let’s take a look into the role of a public adjuster in Texas and why you should hire one.

The Role of a Public Adjuster

Public insurance adjusters in Texas, like the ones at Morgan Specialist Elite Services, have significant expertise in handling home insurance claims. They can:

  • Use their expertise and technology to perform an unbiased and independent evaluation of your loss.
  • Compile detailed information about the case.
  • Submit a detailed claim to the insurer on your behalf.
  • Assist you in the negotiation process involving insurers and other important stakeholders.

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Why Work with a Public Adjuster?

If you want to file a property insurance claim for a significant amount, you should think about hiring a public insurance adjuster. Here’s why.

Claim Advocacy

A public adjuster can be your advocate and help you navigate the complexities of the claims process. They’re knowledgeable and excellent communicators who will assist you with negotiations and handle every aspect of your claim with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Forensic Analysis

Expert forensic analysis is fundamental to ensuring proper damage evaluation and adds credibility. A public adjuster will conduct a thorough analysis to help expedite your claim and ensure you receive a substantial settlement offer.


Experienced public adjusters will have a reliable team comprised of evaluators, appraisers, and engineers who can validate and confirm the cause of the damage to your property. Their opinion is fundamental, and their expert analysis will play an important role in the success of your insurance claims.

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Accurate Claims

You might forget to include all the costs in the insurance claims, but public adjusters are experienced, and it is unlikely they’d overlook any costs. You may miscalculate the cost of a new door if your old one is damaged by wind or a hailstorm, but a public adjuster will evaluate every aspect of the damage and ensure an accurate and detailed insurance claim is filed.

Choosing a Public Insurance Adjuster

There are various things to consider when choosing a public adjuster who can advocate your case and negotiate settlements with the insurers on your behalf. First, you should check their credentials. Public adjusters should have appropriate licensure in every state they practice. Practicing without a license is against the law in Texas.

Never hire an unlicensed adjuster or any other individual to help you in the claims process. Their licensure is also a reflection of their knowledge and qualification. Practicing without a license is against the law in Texas.

You should also seek an experienced public adjuster even if they charge a higher fee, especially if your insurance claim is complicated and involves a significant amount of money.

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Reputation is also a key factor when choosing a public adjuster. You should work with a reputable service with a history of filing successful claims. When shortlisting potential adjusters, read reviews of customers who have worked with them previously. You should get a pretty good idea of how they operate and the complexity of cases they’ve worked on.

Once you’ve found a reliable adjuster, you should sign an agreement letter that outlines the scope of work associated with the property damage claim. You can find an example of an agreement letter at the Texas Department of Insurance. Ensure the agreement letter covers everything to eliminate confusion between both parties regarding the timeline of the claim process and the compensation.

The goal for both you and the adjuster should be clear communication to avoid any problems in the future. Choosing a public adjuster can impact how quickly your claim is filed, processed, and settled.

Choosing Reliable Public Adjusters in Texas

If you’re looking for reliable, transparent, and experienced public adjusters in TX, check out the services provided by Morgan Elite Specialist Services. We have a combined experience of more than 75 years in dealing with home insurance claims.

We’ve worked with individuals and businesses and provided them with impeccable services that have helped them get favorable settlements. Our competent team of insurance appraisers, damage consultants, and adjusters will work together to build a strong insurance claim and ensure that you get a successful outcome.

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