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This privacy policy applies to Morgan Elite Specialist Services and any affiliated companies associated with the company. It provides a comprehensive outline of the legal agreement between users who visit this website and our company.

By viewing, browsing, or accessing any content on the Morgan Elite Specialist Services website, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and agreed to comply with the legal stipulations outlined in this privacy statement.

All our privacy policies and practices are available on our website ( Users must go through the information to understand how we use, collect, store, and dispose of personal information. We may make changes to the privacy policy without any prior notice. You must check the relevant update dates to learn about the changes made to the policy.

Collection of Personal Information

Morgan Elite Specialist Services holds the right to collect information to:

  • Carefully monitor and manage user journeys, provide assistance, and improve our offerings through our website.
  • Communicate the latest information or any changes to our services, pricing, or other material information to users.
  • Protect our interests, fulfill all relevant rules and regulations, and ensure that our website works optimally.

We’ve taken considerable measures to safeguard user privacy and important information. By providing us with personal information such as your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number, you’re allowing the company to use the information as it serves best.

Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

Please note that Morgan Elite Specialist Services doesn’t sell, rent, or share any personally identifiable or sensitive information to any other business or individual other than its affiliated companies or third parties that may be hired to manage user lists. We are also legally liable to disclose information to comply with relevant rules and regulations.  We reserve the right to change this policy without notice.

Dependency on Information

By visiting our website, you agree that any information provided on our platform should not be relied upon exclusively to make a critical business or investment-related decision. The information on our website is not a substitute for professional advice experts offer after examining each client’s unique needs and circumstances.

By visiting the website, you acknowledge that any reliance on the information provided on the pages is at your sole discretion. The company or its affiliates will not be held accountable for any harm caused.

Cookie Usage

Our website also uses “cookies,” which identify you as a return visitor and help tailor information to suit your individual preferences. Cookies are data stored on a web browser and the hard drive and save you time when you revisit a meaningful website. The browser also allows disabling cookies if you don’t wish to provide any information or store any data on your hard drive.

External Links

You may come across external links on our website that may not come under the privacy policy of In addition, by visiting any external link, you agree that Morgan Elite Specialist Services is not responsible for any information provided by that particular website.


Please note this agreement comes into immediate effect as soon as you visit All prior agreements, regardless of the communication medium, are considered null and void. Any changes to an agreement between our website and a user will only be provided in writing and duly signed by the authorized representative of Morgan Elite Specialist Services.

Contact Information

If you are struggling to understand the contents of the privacy statement or have any queries or concerns regarding our policy, we are here to address your concerns. Please get in touch with our authorized representatives using the contact information provided below:

Contact Number: 855-445-3404 / 888-393-2089


We will respond to your message as soon as possible.