3 Things to Know When Filing a Commercial Fire Damage Claim in Texas

a fire brigade and a firefighter.

As a commercial property owner, dealing with fire damage at your premises can be pretty stressful and overwhelming. Even if the fire is minimal, it can cause significant damage to necessary equipment, documentation, or records.

When such incidents happen, it is essential to engage with experienced public insurance adjusters and understand the entire commercial fire damage claim process. Here are a few things to keep in mind when filing commercial fire claims in Texas.

Reviewing Coverage

First, you should review your existing policy and property coverage before any unwanted incident occurs. While most policies have sufficient fire damage coverage, each plan has different terms and conditions depending on the policy holder’s requirements.

Most policies will cover fire damage. You might need additional coverage for fire-related threats. Ensuring that your commercial building has adequate coverage will provide you with some peace that their premises are protected from any unwanted fire damage.

a fire to a commercial building.


When filing a commercial fire damage claim in Texas, your insurer will ask you for extensive information regarding the damage. This will include evidence of the building before and after the damage. You should also have up-to-date documentation of the building’s condition before the fire and any receipts or documentation for all the items you own.

Don’t throw away any evidence, including photos and videos of the damaged property, until you settle because it can impact the outcome of your claim. Hiring an insurance adjuster can be handy because they can help you with all the documentation and subsequent filing process.

Mitigate Further Damage

Your commercial building policy requires you to take adequate steps to ensure that the premises don’t suffer from further damage. Your insurer will reimburse you for any expenses sustained to minimize further damage. However, you should keep proof of the damages before carrying out repairs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that fire-damaged properties are often subject to vandalism. When the premises remains inhabitable till repairs, they may seem abandoned, which prompts criminals to inflict further damage to or steal items from the property. If this occurs, immediately report the incident to the police and insurance company.

Get Commercial Claim Assistance in TX

Filing commercial fire damage claims is a taxing process that involves evaluating damages, documenting everything, conducting initial repairs, and presenting a robust case to the insurer. Hiring professional insurance adjusting services can come in handy when filing such claims.

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