If you live in an area where storms and thunderstorms are likely to occur, the first thing to suffer is your roof. Whether there is a strong wind, hailstorm or even heavy rainfall, the roofing system in your house is likely to endure damages. In such a case, turning to your insurance company may seem like a valid idea.
But before reaching out to your insurance company, it is important to assess the damages caused by wind and hail.

Learn more about the signs of these damages below:

1. Shingles in the Patio One of the most common signs of roof damages caused by wind or hail is the appearance of shingles in the patio. Due to pressure from the strong winds, the sides of the shingles are lifted and torn away. As a result, these torn shingles fly and settle down on the patio.
How to Detect This Problem?
Match the piece of the shingle with your roof. If there is a missing piece on your roof, then the roof of your home is damaged.

2. Granules, Pebbles or Debris Around the Drain Do you see a number of pebbles or granules near the drain?

Then this is a sign of damage caused by wind and hailstorms. As the strong winds collide against the roof, granules are dislodged. Since the gutters are adjacent to the roofing, these granules or pebbles often fall in near or around them.

How to Detect This Problem?

Walk around the gutter. If you see pebbles, granules or shingles, then there is definitely a problem.

3. Dark Spots

Another common sign that indicates roof damage includes dark spotting. As discussed above, granules are displaced due to high-pressure winds. As a result, the missing granule or pebbles leave a dark spot behind, indicating a roof system damage.

How to Detect This Problem?

Observe the roof after a hailstorm. Obvious dark spots around the edges are a sign of wind or hail damage.
Once you have assessed and recorded the damages caused by the wind or hailstorm through pictures, you might think of contacting your insurance company for a claim. However, in several situations, they are unlikely to accept or agree with your assessments. This is when you need to contact a Public Adjuster.

Who Is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster (PA) is an authorized professional who represents homeowners in cases where insurance companies refuse their settlement. By assessing the roof damages and making agreements with the insurance company, the PA will help you achieve your insurance claim settlement.

Why Should You Hire a Public Adjuster?

There are several reasons why you should hire a public adjuster, especially when dealing with roof damages. Some of these reasons include:

  • They prepare insurance claim for you
  • They include a professional roofing contractor for further risk and damage assessment
  • They can help you recover the well-deserved settlement based on the cost analysis of the damages
  • They can take matters to court to help you achieve the settlement through a legal process  

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