5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Public Adjuster

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When making an insurance claim, hiring a public adjuster to speed up the process is wise. As a professional, they have more knowledge in this line of work and assist policyholders in getting increased payouts. However, you should never depend on them to ensure a win because how the case proceeds depends on the evidence you submit.

Not all Public Adjusters in TX are the same. The wrong one working on your behalf can cost you stress, money, and time. Apart from getting you a fairer settlement, a public adjuster should also be able to help you after the case by providing contacts of people, such as appraisers, restoration companies, and plumbers.

With that being said, below are the traits you must look for in a public adjuster:

Licensing and Accreditation

The public adjuster must hold a license to operate in the state of Texas and be accredited. You can visit the state’s Department of Insurance website and get the adjuster’s credentials by searching for their name.


Whether you are hiring an independent public adjuster or one who works for a company, individual experience matters! The company might have been in business for a decade or more, but the adjuster assigned to you only has a few months under their belt. They might not be able to handle the complexities of your case. You should ask detailed questions about how they have helped other clients.

References and Reviews

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Always ask for references and check reviews on the client’s website, Yelp, and Google. These provide great insight into the work ethics and attitude of the public adjuster. Moreover, talking to satisfied clients gives you peace of mind that you are working with the right person.

Case Workload

The more cases the adjuster handles, the more likely they will make mistakes. Moreover, they might not be able to give you much time. No matter how experienced they are, you deserve their full attention, so do not work with an adjuster buried under cases.

Settlement Cost (If It Ends Prematurely)

Hundred Dollar Bills

If a public adjuster gets your claim paid, they will be entitled to a percentage of the claim amount. This fee might differ based on different factors, but is usually 10%. However, what happens if the claim is denied or you feel it might not get approved?

Can you end the contract with your adjustor? If so, how much will they charge you? It’s important to know this fee because an obligation may stop you from proceeding with the claim, and you wouldn’t want to pay thousands of dollars on top of the expenses you are already handling out of your pocket.

An unapproved claim often makes people take drastic measures. Some take out a loan and go into debt, while others borrow and destroy relationships. So, you need to consider these factors before hiring a public adjuster. The assurity you get by having someone experienced in your corner allows you to rest easy and trust the person and the process.

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