A Guide to Estimating Fire Damage and Restoration Costs

a group of firefighters tackling a fire.

Fires are devastating, stressful, and overwhelming. In the aftermath of a fire, securing your family’s safety and returning to normal would be your priority. Even if your commercial or residential building structure is intact, fire, smoke, and soot can damage property.

Fire damage restoration costs for even a small house fire can be high. Quick and decisive restoration actions are crucial to prevent further damage. Now, you can always pick up the phone and get an estimate of the restoration cost, but estimating fire damage over the phone can be pretty difficult.

You need professionals to inspect the damage and then give you a fair estimate. In addition, you also need a public insurance adjuster by your side who can help you estimate fire damages and present those figures to the insurance company.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to estimating fire damage and restoration costs in the aftermath of an unexpected fire incident to your home in Texas.

a group of firefighters spraying water.

Factors Affecting Fire Damage Restoration Costs

Various factors affect fire damage repair costs in Texas. Understanding these variables can help you accurately estimate fire damage costs and assist you in setting up a realistic budget for repairs before the insurer provides their settlement.

Property Size

Before restoration, contractors will thoroughly inspect the size of the property and the number of rooms present. The bigger the space and the more rooms you have, the higher the expected cost to repair the home, especially if the entire structure has been compromised and every room has suffered damage due to the fire.

Extent of Damage

Another factor that influences the fire damage and restoration costs is the extent of the damage. Contractors will schedule an in-person assessment to check the level of damage done to every corner of the house. They will also check the items that can be salvaged, the ones that need repairs, and the ones that need complete replacement. They will also inspect the type of damage that can include destruction due to smoke, soot, water, fire, or other chemicals.

a firefighter trying to extinguish the fire.

Average Cost of Fire Damage Restoration

As mentioned above, fire damage restoration costs can vary depending on the property size, extent, and type of damage. However, on average, you can expect to pay at least $2,500 – $5,000 to recover from a small fire. On the other hand, costs can go as high as $50,000 or more just to restore a kitchen or roof after a major accident.

Costs can also vary according to the type of repair. For example, you’d experience a strong smell of smoke after a fire which is quite difficult to remove. Materials like upholstery, carpeting, certain furniture or fixtures, and even walls can absorb smoke quickly and spread if not controlled. Damage from smoke can be expensive, depending on how much it has spread.

a firefighter after extinguishing a home fire.

Soot removal is another costly repair that you’d need to do in your home. It is the organic byproduct of fire, and it can be pretty challenging to remove it altogether. Soot is highly acidic and can cause a lot of health issues. It can easily creep into cracks and crevices of walls, roofs, ceilings, and floors, possibly leading to permanent damage. You should immediately address soot because it can spiral out of control.

Large fires require a lot of water to put out, leaving your home completely soaked. In addition, carpets, furniture, floors, or walls can be completely submerged in water, leading to hefty repair costs. Another water issue is the build-up of mold, which can begin growing within the first 24 hours.

A large property fire can destroy various parts of your home, especially internal and external structures requiring reconstruction. You may need a new roof, walls repaired, or cabinets redone. Other costs may include having your entire HVAC system replaced, or you may require new windows to be installed.

The extent of fire restoration can only be estimated after the cleanup is complete. Also, estimating fire damage is a novice mistake unless you are a valuation expert yourself! Therefore, you should always have a claims adjuster who can help you evaluate damages and file a prompt settlement with your insurer.

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