A Guide to Settling Insurance Claims in Texas

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Settling your insurance claims as quickly as possible is essential in the aftermath of damages to your personal or commercial property. However, resolving issues and getting a speedy settlement is easier said than done. Most homeowners hire the services of public insurance adjusters who assist them in settling insurance claims.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you understand the overall process of settling insurance claims.

Response to Claims

If you’re wondering whether insurance companies must respond to claims, the short answer is yes. Under Texas law, insurers are required to respond to any claims that are filed and must then do the following within 15 days of receiving notice:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the claim.
  • Commence investigation on the validity of the claim.
  • Request relevant information, statements, and forms from the insured to assist in the investigation.

Speeding Up the Process

While you cannot shorten the statutory time frame that insurers have to work with, you can still do things on your end to speed up the claims process. The insurer has 15 days to investigate the claim once they receive information for you, so you must send these items as quickly as possible to avoid any delays.

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Settling Insurance Claims 

If an insurer informs you that they will pay you a certain amount, then according to Section 542.057 of the Texas statutes, they must make the payment no later than the fifth business day after the date notice is made. If the insurer fails to disburse the amount, you may sue them for damages.

That said, you may not agree with the settlement amount proposed by the insurer, and you have every right to dispute that claim. However, doing it alone can backfire because you may not have the necessary experience or expertise to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement.

This is where engaging with an experienced public insurance adjuster can come in handy. These professionals can negotiate on your behalf and ensure that the insurance company doesn’t provide you with a low ball offer that doesn’t reflect the extent of your home damage.

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