All You Need to Know About Tornado Damage Insurance Claims

a high-speed and destructive tornado.

Tornadoes have the potential to wreak havoc on your property. The important thing is to have a policy that compensates you for your loss. Now, most policies provide robust dwelling coverage that covers all the cost incurred in repairing your home.

However, some policies may not cover tornado damage especially if your home is in a highly-sensitive area. Let’s look at various aspects of tornado damage insurance claims.

Policy Coverage

You’d typically buy homeowner’s insurance policies to protect you from unwanted incidents. After such an incident, there’s a possibility of widespread damage to your property and valuable possessions. Now, most policies include adequate coverage compensating you for rebuilding or repairing your dwelling after incidents such as a tornado.

Most policies also provide coverage for personal property. This means you can also get compensated for damage to the contents inside your property after a loss. However, if your insurance document explicitly excludes windstorm damage, you should buy additional coverage. More on this is below.

tornado damage on homes.

Wind Damage Exclusion

If your policy excludes windstorm or tornado damage, you won’t be able to file a claim. It is common for insurers to not include tornado damage if the property is located in a highly-susceptible area. If you live in such areas, it is better to pay extra and get additional coverage rather than regret it later. Speak to your insurer about how you can get tornado coverage.

Covering Windstorm Damage

After filing a tornado damage insurance claim, your insurer will carefully examine your documentation and decide whether to accept or reject your claim. Depending on the policy, the company will cover your property’s actual cash or replacement value. You can determine the type of coverage you want when shopping around for policies. Both ACV and RCV will only cover damage to your policy limits.

Tornado and Water Damage

Tornadoes may come in tandem with severe rain that can cause potential water damage to your home. It is important to note that homeowner’s insurance policies may not cover flooding and water damage. Now, things can get quite complicated if you are unsure about the source of damage. It is better to engage the services of a public adjuster who can help you determine the cause of damage and accurately file a claim.

Hire a Public Adjuster in TX

As you can imagine, dealing with a tornado claim can get complicated, and working with an experienced public adjuster is important to ensure you get swift and fair compensation. If you’re looking for reliable public adjusters in TX, check out the services provided by Morgan Elite Specialist Services.

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