Following severe weather, it is common to see an influx of contractors in areas with an abundance of housing or development. These ‘storm chasers’ solicit residents or property owners for any needed repairs as a result of the storm. While we do not discredit all contractors who practice in this way, we do warn consumers to be cautious when hiring these types of workers. While some are honest and do reputable work, there are others, unfortunately, who are there to make quick money for mediocre work. The following are some guidelines that will help you employ the right person for the job!

  • Research: We advise to at least find basic information about the company that is soliciting such as the city and state of their home base and their reviews. The internet is an endless source of information and can validate credibility. If the company is not on the internet or does not have any online consumer reviews, be wary of signing any contract with the solicitor.
  • Pricing: Watch for pricing that seems too good to be true. We all want a good deal, sure, but do not replace it for quality workmanship. Less than reputable contractors will offer a ‘steal’ which often results in poor craftsmanship and additional cost in the long run. Keep an eye on pricing for needed material and labor costs to do said work which will also help from being overcharged.
  • State licensing: According to recent Texas law, roofers must be licensed and have general liability insurance in order to conduct business in the state of Texas. Their licenses will be revoked if any felonious acts are committed and must be renewed yearly. This new law will help in determining reputable contractors and weeding out the bad apples of the bunch.
  • Seek professional advice: Call Morgan Elite Specialist Services! We work and communicate closely with the best contractors in the state of Texas. Our team of professional and certified public adjusters can assist in determining if any damage is insurance related and ensure your insurance company is accommodating per policy. We offer free inspections and consultations