Builder’s Risk Insurance is intended to cover/protect materials, equipment, and other named property associated with job sites during construction. The following is a list of five areas that are covered in most Builder’s Risk insurance policies:

1Natural and man-made disasters: Damage from severe storms, hail, fire, black outs broken water mains, etc.

2. Property damage: Damage to construction materials, fencing, scaffolding, equipment and heavy machinery, temporary structures, landscaping, signs, etc.

3. Theft: Policies including theft from the construction site may require a gated worksite for this particular coverage.

4. Labor expenses: Replaces lost labor expenses and income.

5. Miscellaneous damages: Flawed construction materials, inadequate design, poor  craftsmanship, etc.

Builders Risk Insurance is crucial, especially when construction materials in use are exposed or the construction site is located in an area with a high risk of bad weather or theft. This coverage is usually measured in monthly increments and, in some cases, can be extended at least once if necessary.
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