Burst Pipes and Water Leakage: Does Your Policy Cover Water Damages?

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When Winter Storm Uri hit Texas in February 2021, it led to more than $8 billion in home insurance losses. Texans filed more than 400,000 insurance claims due to the storm, and a lot of the damage was caused by broken pipes.

The homeowner’s insurance usually covers accidental water damage due to a sudden and unexpected incident, such as a burst pipe. However, there might be some exclusions, and you should consider hiring a public insurance adjuster to review the water damage policy before initiating insurance proceedings.

Here are a few things you need to know about insurance coverage for burst pipes and water leakages.

Frozen Pipes

Your water damage policy will likely cover water damage resulting from a pipe burst. However, if you switched off the heat when leaving the house, which caused the pipes to freeze, your claim might be denied.

Therefore, you must take smart steps to ensure that water pipes are always in good condition and protected from freezing. Speak to your insurance adjuster to understand more regarding frozen pipes and subsequent bursts and leakages when filing an insurance claim.


an open water tap.

Water Line Breaks

Most water damage policies won’t cover water line breaks unless they experience sudden or significant damage. If a water line breaks due to aging, poor installation, or sudden and frequent changes in ground temperature, it wouldn’t be covered under your usual homeowner’s insurance policy.

Instead, your city, town, or council will be responsible for fixing the water line break. However, you’d have to repair or replace the pipeline that connects your home to the main water supply line. If you experience such damages, contact the municipality and your insurance company.

Coverage Required for Broken Pipes

Make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy has the following coverage to ensure that you don’t have to pay hefty repair costs for water damage resulting from broken pipes:

  • Dwelling Coverage
  • Property Coverage
  • Loss of Use Coverage.

It is also important to note that your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover the damage from the following:

  • Sewage backup
  • Sump pump failure
  • Flooding

There are multiple types of homeowner’s insurance policies issued by several providers in Texas. Each policy has different terms and conditions that determine the extent of damages covered. Before filing an insurance claim, you should speak to your public adjuster to see what you are covered for.

Hire a Professional Public Adjuster in Texas for Your Insurance Claims

If your property is inundated with water due to a burst pipe or leakage and you want to file an immediate claim with your insurer, get the help of an experienced public insurance adjuster in Texas.

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