Per the insurance field, collapse is a broad term that is typically defined and applied according to individual policy details. Collapse insurance will usually repair/replace a roof that has fallen or caved as a result of policy approved weather related circumstances  or if the entire structure collapses, falls in on itself, or the structural integrity has been compromised due to a covered cause.
Interestingly, many claims and losses involving collapse end in litigation. The reason necessary for legal action is commonly due to the ambiguous interpretations of ‘collapse’ by insurance companies and policy holders alike, neither being able to agree on the actual definition and outlines of coverage. Depending on the case, courts and juries can also interpret the definitions differently which is merely a professional narrative and should not be applied to personal policies or claims involving collapse. Like all insurance policies and claims, each one should be individually investigated based on its own merits.
Always involve the corresponding insurance agent with any questions concerning the interpretation of your insurance policy. Our certified and experienced public adjusters at Morgan Elite Specialist Services can certainly assist you in a claim due to collapse and offer free consultations.
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