Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover Water Damage?

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Water damage is one of the biggest reasons for property insurance claims in Texas. Even though water damage might not be very expensive or difficult to repair, it can leave mold. This is a near-permanent condition requiring a partial or full reconstruction of the house.

That said, your insurance policy should provide comprehensive coverage against water damage. But it’s important to remember that not all water damage is covered. If your property has water damage, it’s worthwhile to hire an public insurance adjuster to help you review your policy and see what areas are covered.

Let’s look at the type of water damage your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover.

Water Damage Covered

There are multiple types of homeowner’s insurance policies issued by several providers in Texas. Each policy has different clauses and mechanisms that determine the extent of water damage covered. However, even though they might differ, some elements are common in every policy.

The coverage included in every policy is for any sudden and accidental discharge of water or steam in your home. This can cover anything from a broken pipe to a malfunctioning washing machine that has inundated your home with water.

discussing home insurance policies.

Water heaters are quite a common source of leaks, and frozen water pipes due to winter storms and hail are also covered under accidental water damage. Another common water damage that can be claimed under your policy is in the aftermath of a storm where water comes inside your home through a roof leak.

Any damage caused should be accidental and should have happened without warning to be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Water Damage Not Covered

Now that we have discussed the items that your policy may cover, it is also essential to look at what it doesn’t cover. One of the biggest problems for Texas homeowners with respect to water damage are slow leaks.

A burst pipe due to a hailstorm or anything else is sudden and immediately noticeable. But what if a pipe in your spare bathroom that is rarely used develops a drip that you don’t notice for some time? The damage can be quite big and cause massive problems for your flooring.

These slow leaks are out of sight and can produce considerable damage. The worst thing is that they’re not covered under standard policy unless you have an optional endorsement on your insurance coverage. In addition, these losses can be problematic because they can develop mold over time, which can be quite expensive to repair.

You should always have extended coverage that includes foundational water coverage, seepage & leakage of slow leaks, and water or sewer backup to ensure you’re protected from any water damage.

Hire a Competent Public Adjuster in Texas for Your Insurance Claims

If your commercial or residential property has experienced unwanted water damage and you want to file an immediate claim with your insurer, get the help of an experienced public insurance adjuster in Texas.

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Whether you’re looking for an insurance appraiser, damage consultant, or public adjuster for your claim, we can help. Report a claim now or contact us today for more details.