The weather sure is nice this week! The sun is shining and the wildflowers are blooming, infusing the air with wonderful fragrant breezes. However, do not let Mother Nature or Texas weather fool you as this is still the season for tornadoes, wind, and hail.

If the past few years are any indication, we are sure to get hit hard with severe weather sooner or later this year. We have previously discussed tornado preparedness and how to recognize damage to your home and property. While we do not wish to sound like a broken record, your safety and preparedness is our top priority through this weather season and we would like to offer a few more tips in the event of a loss to your covered home or property:

  • Have a plan: Make sure an emergency plan is in place in case things go wrong.

Purchase or prepare a weather preparedness kit, formulate an evacuation route
or shelter area, have sufficient gas in your vehicle, and have extra food on hand.

  • Be aware of local weather: Do not be caught off guard! Listen regularly to local weather announcements regarding severe weather.
  • Take pictures: Snap pictures of everything! Recording proper documentation of all storm damage will help your case and increase the likelihood of receiving  adequate compensation. It is also very important to accurately time stamp all pictures and documentation and if possible, post them onto your social media on the day of the event.
  • Call Messtx! Aside from you, the policyholder, only an enlisted public adjuster can assist in the negotiation of your claim. The difference between our licensed public adjusters and insurance company adjusters is that we only represent you and your interests.

Our public adjusting services are valuable and preferred because of our superior customer service and proven success in negotiating insurance claims. Our professional and experienced team will aid you through every step of the insurance claim process and ensure it is done right the first time. We offer free consultations and inspections. Don’t risk it alone, call today!​