Replacing damaged items after a storm can be very expensive but most home and business owners have purchased insurance policies to help them with the costs. Standard policies provide limited coverages on electronics with a limit per category as long as it is an approved peril such as fire, lightning, wind and hail.
If you electronics are covered and you have a limit of $4000 on your computers you must remember to apply your deductible first. So, if you have a $1000 deductible that leave you $3000 to apply toward your loss. Look at the policy closely to see the limits on each specific category.
Homeowners can purchase additional coverage called a Home Media Package. It will be considered an endorsement on your current policy and provides a broader coverage for electronic devices. It would cover such things as:
* TVs
* computers
* home theaters
* cameras
* mp3 players
* cell phones
* DVD players

But most of these policies do NOT include smaller electronic items such as:
Gps systems
video games systems

You will need to visit with your insurance representative to find out for sure the list the specific items included in this coverage.

You will also need to purchase this insurance in specific dollar amounts… i.e. $2500, $5000 or $10,000.
In 2014 State Farm reported the following results by state for claims filed due to lightning strikes:
#1 Florida – 10,440
#2 Georgia – 9,805
#3 Texas – 5,622
#4 Louisiana – 5,007

It’s not IF a storm hits but when it hits. Will you be ready, protected and covered. When our home, family or business has been effected by a storm we tend to be emotionally compromised and not always able to make good solid decisions. If you are in a position to have to file an insurance claim let the experienced professionals at messtx.com help put your life back in order. We care about you.

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