Electronics, Lightning, and Insurance ~ Part 1
A powerful bolt of lightning, even when it appears far away, can enter your home in a split second through electric, phone, or cable lines. Any item that is plugged in is vulnerable to jolting, frying, or damage. However, there are some items in your home or business that are more susceptible to lightning strikes than others.

Non-electronic items are less likely to be affected from distant lightning strikes. However, if your home takes a direct hit and they are plugged in, it is probable that they will be damaged or fried. Non-electronic appliances include items such as:
• toasters
• vacuum cleaners
• lamps
• mixers

Electronic components tend to be bigger ticket and things with a ‘brain’. An electrical surge can easily destroy these items which can include:
• computer and office equipment
• refrigerators
• washers and dryers
• security systems
• phones

The best preparation for a pending lightning storm is unplugging as many electrical items as possible. When this is not feasible, you can enjoy peace of mind by taking the following simple precautions beforehand:
• Ensure all electrical items are plugged into an up-to-date surge protector
• Visit with your insurance agent for guaranteed coverage of electrical appliances under your insurance policy

Large ticket items such as air conditioning/heating units, etc. are hard wired and more difficult to protect. To add an extra layer of safety, a surge protector for your entire home can be installed by a certified electrician at the entrance of electricity.

Lightning follows no rules and is a dangerous game. If your home is hit by a lightning bolt and damages your belongings, you will need to file an insurance claim. The average claim for a lightning strike is $7,400.
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