Dealing with storm damage loss and the aftermath of filing an insurance claim can be a very overwhelming, difficult, and time consuming experience. Many homeowners find themselves in a completely foreign situation and amidst the claims process, consider if they are being treated fairly.

Our professional, experienced, and qualified team at Morgan Elite Specialist Services are policy experts with extensive knowledge of the claims process. While we wish a smooth claim experience for all home owners, we understand that this is not always the reality and are here to assist you, the insured! The following is some guidance when proceeding with a hail related claim:

This is what a hail impacted roof shingle looks like:

​Please note, marks left by hail may carry one or all of the following characteristics; no discernable pattern, deep dark marks on shingles, or lost shingle granules that leave the felt exposed.

Look for ‘collateral damage’: Hail dents in fences, gutters, siding, downspouts, AC units, vent caps, light fixtures, window screens, window beatings, and mailboxes in front of the home. If any of these items exhibit dents, then it is likely that there is also damage to the roof.

​Here is an example of ‘collateral damage’:

Inspect for interior damage such as ceiling leaks or electricity issues. These may have been caused by the hail storm and require further investigation.

Morgan Elite Specialist Services offers expert advice and is ready to help with filing, denial, or underpaid claims following property loss caused by a devastating hail storm. Our main concern is protecting the interests of homeowners and ensuring they receive adequate compensation for incurred losses.

We have an ethical obligation to notify homeowners that not all claims are created equal and must be evaluated, adjusted, and examined based on their own individual merits.