You’ve got a million things to do. Why be inconvenienced when an insurance claim is needed?

While insurance claims come every once in a blue moon. It’s so important for them to be handled in a manner they deserve; with time and dedication. We know not everyone has that readily available to them, especially property managers. But that’s one of the many reasons we do what we do. Here are a few things we do to help you and your claim.

We get you more. On Average, we get insureds 750% more than if we’re not used. That’s more money to get your property back to the way it was before your loss.

We take care of the leg work. The moment you sign the dotted line and give us all needed preliminary information, you can release the burden of the claim to us. We handle filing the claim, negotiating the claim and all other pertinent actions that deal directly with the insurance company on your behalf. Ultimately saving you time and unnecessary frustrations.

We keep you informed. We accommodate you by providing frequent updates on the status of your claim, comprehensive explanations on all insurance documentation, and priceless professional advice.

We take pride in the Adjusting Services we provide. Please call us, consultations are free, and you never know what you’ll learn just by giving us a call.