Policyholders are not getting paid fairly for their insurance claims. As a result, many people are seeking assistance from Morgan Elite Specialist Services and recognizing the benefit of our services. We are a public adjusting firm and assist policyholders in receiving fair and adequate compensation per individual policy and incurred damages.

The following are two key indicators that would justify hiring our licensed and professional public adjusters:

The amount of compensation does not meet or barely exceeds the deductible: Ultimately, the insurance company has the responsibility to indemnify and make the policyholder ‘whole’, which means paying to restore the property to its original condition prior to damage and according to policy.

Sadly, we often discover that the estimate given by the insurance company does not contain enough items to properly repair the property. This is wrong for many reasons besides the obvious.

Disclaimer: Every deductible is different and typically a greater amount when filed under a ‘named storm’. In order to legitimately inform your case, we need to literally review your insurance policy as well as any given estimate or denial from your insurance company.

Drive-By Inspections: If the adjuster assigned to your claim inspected your property in let’s say half an hour or less and the insurance company did not fairly compensate for your loss, give us a call! Chances are high that the adjuster did not do a thorough inspection.

While we strive to be of utmost service to policyholders, there are certain situations that limit our assistance such as:

Repair work that has been done by policyholders on damaged property but still require help. At this point, all evidence of the loss has been removed and therefore, impossible for us to negotiate.

Payment on a claim that does not justify our service fee of 10% of the overall claim. For example, if you received a payment of $10,000.00 and we earn you an additional $2,000.00, our fee would be $1,200.00.

We carefully review all claims to determine the most benefit to you, the policyholder, and not take away from the actual needed repairs on your property. For instance, if the damages are only worth $1,000.00 more than the offered compensation from your insurance company, we would not advise our services.

Our goal at Morgan Elite Specialist Services is to protect your interests and ensure adequate compensation for incurred losses.

Please call us today at 855-445-3404 or email at claims@messtx.com.