The enormity of Hurricane Harvey taught us that anything can happen and change our lives in an instant. At the last minute, Harvey went from a category 3 to a category 4 and coupled with a coincidental air system, causing the storm to remain stationary just long enough to dump trillions of gallons of water onto Houston and the surrounding areas. We have previously discussed ways to prepare ourselves as homeowners and remain safe during emergency situations but it is critical to review this information in light of recent and ongoing catastrophic events.

  • Evacuation Plan: Establish an evacuation route and leave as soon as possible in the event of a hurricane or other emergency. If there is a possibility of flooding  and you are unable to technically ‘evacuate’, find higher ground in the form of any place you can stay such as a shelter or the homes of family and friends.
  • Insurance: If you do not have flood insurance and live in Houston or the surrounding areas, we offer a professional suggestion – get flood insurance as soon as feasible. Flood insurance is purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), even when obtained through an insurance provider. Although some areas are definitely at more risk than others, every area in the United States is considered to be in a floodplain and NFIP is available to everyone. Once enrolled, it takes 30 days for flood insurance to take effect.
  • Important documents and valuables: Store your most precious valuables, pictures, and important documents in accessible, waterproof, ‘ready to go’ containers that can easily be transported in a moment’s notice.  Excessive rainfall or flooding often leave little time to gather these items which can be difficult to replace.

Our team of licensed and experienced public adjusters at Morgan Elite Specialist Services care and are concerned about you, your situation, and insurance claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies are finding ways to deter their responsibilities and denied claims are on the rise. Our adjusters are policy experts with extensive knowledge of the claims process and will professionally manage your claim process from start to finish. Consultations are always free of charge as well as initial inspections if time permits during this period of upheaval. On average, our clients receive 30% more compensation. Call today!