History has proven that storms do happen; adequate preparation is vital and can be the difference between life and death. The number of named storms per hurricane season can be record breaking. Although there is no correlation between the number of predicted storms and the actual number that make landfall, preparations should be made before every storm.  


*  Do contact your insurance agent every year to analyze your hurricane policy, the insured value of your property, and the percentage amount of your deductible.
*  Do plan an evacuation route.
*  Do as asked when told to evacuate by authorities. 
*   Do make a 72-hour emergency kit for all members of the family. Include food, water, personal ID, insurance papers, prescriptions, and any other necessities.  
*  Do cover all windows with strong protectants such as storm shutters, plywood, or storm fabric. 
*  Do trim trees that are close to your property.
*  Do turn the refrigerator down to the coldest temperature.
*  Do take ‘before and after’ pictures of your property following the storm, inside and out. 
*  Do make storm preparations, even if you are inland.


*  Don’t wait until there is a named storm to contact your insurance agent.
*  Don’t wait until everyone is leaving town to evacuate.
​*  Don’t wait to leave until the storm is so severe that it is unsafe to drive. 
*  Don’t forget pet identification and supplies.
*  Don’t make an X out of tape on the windows and think you are protected; this keeps the glass from shattering into small pieces but does not prevent it from breaking.  
*  Don’t keep loose yard items that could blow through windows in open areas.  
*  Don’t open the refrigerator door unless absolutely necessary.
*  Don’t venture into the storm to take pictures.
*  Don’t think you are safe from a storm because you do not live on the coast.

The United States has not felt the impact of a major hurricane in over 10 years and we must not become complacent. Begin now to prepare for hurricane season and follow a plan to keep your home, business, and loved ones as safe as possible. 

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