Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Public Adjuster in Texas

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Filing a claim with your insurer after a loss can be an extensive process. It involves damage evaluation, paperwork, understanding rules, negotiation, and a lot of legwork. Therefore, hiring a public adjuster to handle the claims process on your behalf should be at the top of your list.

That said, it is essential to carefully vet and interview a prospective adjuster before making your hiring decision. Here are some important questions to ask before hiring a public insurance adjuster in Texas.

Are They Licensed?

Perhaps the first question you should ask a public adjuster is about their licensure. Ensure you’re hiring a licensed public adjuster and ask to see their license before finalizing your agreement.

Ideally, the public adjuster should be experienced, have the necessary credentials, and be affiliated with a reputable local company such as Morgan Elite Specialist Services. They should also have a clean record with the relevant authorities.

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What Types of Claims are Handled?

Insurance claims come in many forms, and you should look to hire an adjuster who has experience in handling claims of a similar type as yours. You can find such information on a company’s website in most cases. If you’re unable to find it, thoroughly interview the adjuster to find out if they are experienced enough to handle your claim or not.

How Much Do Their Services Cost?

Another critical question you should ask is how much their services cost. Refrain from hiring adjusters who charge for their services upfront. Reputable public adjusters such as Morgan Elite Specialist Services work on a contingency basis, meaning they’ll only charge fees when the insurance company reaches a settlement.

Contingency fees can range anywhere between 5% to 10% of your final claim. Make sure to agree on a percentage well before you sign the agreement to avoid any surprises after your settlement. Your insurance adjuster should be clear on their fee structure and the rate they’d charge as compensation.

Hire Competent Public Adjusters in Texas 

If you’re looking to hire a competent, reliable, and professional public insurance claims adjuster in Texas, you can’t go wrong with Morgan Elite Specialist Services. We have a combined experience of more than 75 years in handling various types of claims.

Our team of public adjusters has a solid background in the residential and commercial construction, contracting, and insurance industries. We will always go the extra mile to protect our client’s rights and ensure they get a fair settlement. Report a claim now or contact us today for more details.