“My property was damaged by Hurricane Harvey but my insurance company is refusing to pay!” Morgan Elite Specialist Services encounters these types of situations on a daily basis as policy holders contact us concerning their options.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies are not taking the time to fully evaluate and judge each case based on its own merits as they should. As a result, claims are being processed without proper consideration and compensation to the insured. Insurance companies and their constituents in Texas may wrongfully think that policy holders will ignore denied or underpaid claims or not hire public adjusters for assistance.

Our licensed and experienced team of public adjusters can interpret your policy and negotiate a fair and adequate compensation for your claim based upon policy. Here are two common situations in which we can help:

Sadly, some insurance companies conveniently state that covered damage associated with a claim does not meet or barely exceeds the deductible. In most cases, this is a delay and deny tactic used to avoid paying insureds and a large percentage of our clients experience this situation. Morgan Elite Specialist Services has an excellent success rate in protecting policyholders and ensuring fair compensation by insurance companies for all associated damage according to loss and policy.

Inadequate Consideration
Another tactic being used to avoid payment is inadequate consideration. For example: Perhaps your roof sustained damage as part of a covered loss but your insurance company will only compensate for the interior damage? They may relate the roof damage to poor installation, vandalism, or other causes but if you know for a fact that this is not the case, we can help!

Our knowledgeable team of public adjusters at Morgan Elite Specialist Services offers honest and professional advice in your best interest and can earn policyholders an additional 200-400% on their claims! Call us today at 855-445-3404 or email

It is important to note that some insurance companies are very reputable and ethical in their claim processing while others are not. We speak of these scenarios to inform the public of situations we deal with on a continual basis and strive to recognize the problems, find solutions, and offer assistance.