An overabundance of insurance regulations are in effect that consumers may not know or understand. Although we could write a novel, we will begin with a few intriguing facts:

1. Public adjusters can be hired to represent policyholders and their insurance claims: Many people get  confused between public adjusters and insurance company adjusters. Public adjusters are hired by the   insured to protect their interests, negotiate a  settlement, and guarantee fair and adequate compensation  with their insurance companies according to individual policies.

2. Policyholders are likely to be underinsured: Did your insurance company give you a ‘beyond excellent’ rate that no one else was offering? If so, chances are high that the company has taken the  ‘meat’ out of the coverage and/or the deductible is very costly. Our advice is to consider the risk in the event  of a loss and contact the insurance company to make proper policy adjustments according to your  satisfaction.

3. Not all insurance companies are created equal: It’s true! Perhaps you are thinking of purchasing a policy from a particular insurance company because you like their catchy commercial, they offer seemingly good rates, or you simply want to help a friend; whatever the reason, please research company behaviors beforehand or call Morgan Elite Specialist Services. We know the best insurance companies to have on your side when in need.

4. Insurance policies can be terminated at any time: In the state of Texas, policy holders have the right to cancel their policies whenever necessary without a grace period. On the other hand, a grace period is typically granted if the insurance company is dropping a policy. Make sure to have proper coverage in place before making any cancellations.

Morgan Elite Specialist Services is an esteemed public adjusting agency in Texas. Our team of state licensed public adjusters have a proven success rate in negotiating and settling fair and just claims for policy holders. As always, we offer consultations and inspections without charge. Call today, we can help!