In 2016, Texas ranked #2 in homeowner lightning claims with Florida coming in at #1. According to Jayleen Heft of Property Casualty 360ﹾ, Texas lightening claims exceeded 9,000 and averaged about $9, 580 per claim, equaling approximately $87.2 million in damage and loss. Below are some recommendations which will help protect your home and possessions against lightning strikes:

  • Unplug electronics: Plugged in electrical devices receive electricity even when powered off and are susceptible to surge and lightning related damage. If you are not using it, unplug it!
  • Ensure adequate grounding: Employ a professional technician or home inspector to make sure the electricity in your home or business is properly grounded. Improper grounding is like a ticking time bomb!
  • Use surge protectors: A reliable surge protector will safeguard electronics by preventing surges of electricity from causing damage or ruin. Invest in a reputable brand that meets your needs and research pricing and customer reviews. Surge protectors are definitely worth every penny!
  • Seek a professional opinion: Call Morgan Elite Specialist Services! We are a licensed and professional team of Texas public adjusters that help policy holders be prepared. Our experienced adjusters are policy experts and will protect your interests by ensuring adequate coverage for potential losses, including lightning, and advising policy changes to better suit your needs.

If you have already realized a loss due to lightning or other emergency, we offer free consultations and inspections and can assist with new, denied, or underpaid claims. Our goal is to provide a fair settlement with your insurance company per policy.


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