Texas Legislature recently introduced House Bill 3293 for consideration. While only just presented, this bill is gaining a lot of positive attention. According to Watchdog, the plan calls for a voluntary certification for any roofers who could register with the state. It wouldn’t apply to new home construction or planned remodeling jobs, only to those roofers who swoop in during emergency situations, like after hail or high winds. Homeowners would use the state-created certification list as a starting point to find an honest company.
Here are some key points of the bill which are anticipated to begin in 2018:

  • Prior to getting a license, roofers will be required to provide proof of General Liability Insurance and prove their ability to conduct business in the state of Texas. This will help consumers to know that roofers with a license have been deemed fiscally responsible.
  • Licenses will need to be renewed yearly with continued proof of the above mentioned insurance.
  • If a licensed roofer is found guilty of deceptive trade practices, the license will be revoked. Hopefully, the ‘bad apples’ of the industry will be weeded out!
  • Once licensed by the state of Texas, roofers will be allowed to legally advertise, and rightfully so. It takes time, money, and responsibility to maintain this type of license and they should blast it from the hilltops! Licensed roofers will be more apt to conduct honest business.

While this new bill is a far cry from the reform that is truly needed in regard to Texas roofing and contracting, it is certainly a step in the right direction! House Bill 3293 is definitely catered toward consumers in the sense that credibility will be determined when hiring a private roofer or roofing company.

Please read all contracts carefully and keep in mind that it is against the law for contractors to work on your roof and assist with insurance claims. And only insureds and Public Adjusters, like out team at MESSTX, are legally able to negotiate claims on behalf of insureds. Our certified public adjusters at Morgan Elite Specialist Services are happy to provide free advice and consults.