At times, appraisal may seem the best option in progressing with an insurance property claim. Many policy holders are unfamiliar with this process and we strongly suggest being aware of the following important information before pursuing appraisal:

1. Insurance policies and appraisal – Property insurance policies vary and therefore, so do the
appraisal processes. The policy in question should specifically state the manner in which
appraisal can be invoked, and the process will ultimately be handled as outlined in the
insurance policy. Typically, if coverage cannot be agreed upon by both the insured and the
insurance company, then both parties have the right to invoke appraisal.

2. Appraisers – Once appraisal has been invoked and the process is underway, both the insurance
company and the policy holder is responsible to hire their own appraiser. The two appraisers
will then determine coverage based on their findings and if an amicable agreement is not met,
an umpire will be appointed to settle the amount of coverage.

3. Time Factor – Policy holders may think that an insurance appraisal is similar to getting a
house appraised for sale. This is not the case, however, and the reality of the insurance
appraisal process is that there are many variables to consider which can take anywhere from a
few weeks to a few months. These include the scale of damage and the ability of the two
appraisers to resolve coverage.

4. Last line of defense – Appraisal is not a last line of defense. When policy holders are not
satisfied with the results of an appraisal, they are welcome to bring their case to a first party
property attorney.

5. Coverage – Appraisal does not guarantee coverage. In the state of Texas, it is possible for an
insurance company to invoke appraisal and then deny coverage after the fact.

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