The holidays are here! There is a nice chill in the air, the decorations are up, and you are ready for a cheerful season filled with family, gift giving, and fun parties!

Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when theft is rampant. Take some time to protect your property with the following preventive measures to help ensure a smooth holiday season:

1. Review your renter or homeowner policy: Nearly all policies contain a personal property clause with a designated limit of coverage to which the holder agreed upon when the policy was created. We strongly suggest reviewing your limits to make sure there is adequate coverage to safeguard the valuables in your home, including big ticket items.

Please note that money, jewels, and bullion are not typically covered. If needed, add endorsements to protect these valuables or have them insured separately.

2. Take pictures: It is always best to take pictures of your belongings, including the serial number of electronics. This will help provide proof of loss if there is need to file a claim.

3. Install motion sensor floodlights: Christmas lights do not typically deter thieves but motion sensor floodlights do! Even spotlights in the yard that cast light on your home will do a great job protecting your property against theft.

4. Set up a camera system: Camera systems are very affordable in today’s market. Not only will this add another dimension of security, it may also provide a discount on your insurance.

Our team of Texas licensed public adjusters understand the fear and difficulty of dealing with theft. If you are seeking a claim or your insurance company offers little to no coverage, we are happy to evaluate your situation and give an honest and professional opinion.

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