Why should a Realtor use a Public Adjuster? Public Adjusters can help the home owner get top dollar for properties loss on policy related claims. does this by fully inspecting the property, looking for any damages that may be covered under the property’s insurance policy.

Sell. Properties. Faster. Could it make a difference on how fast or how much money a client might get if the house in question got a new roof and new interior paint? Statistics show, properties that are updated sell faster and for more money. can help you achieve this.

Do you want to work more efficiently? Most people want to work smarter and spend less time to make more money. can help Realtor’s achieve this goal! Free services for your customer! By having complete an inspection of every property you have in policy, offer a NEW free service to your customer. You are creating additional value that other Realtor’s may not be taking advantage of. By adding free services, clients will see you as the ‘go to’ Realtor for all of their transactions.

No upfront costs. Like Realtor’s, most public adjusters work on a contingency fee. This means that doesn’t get paid unless they can get the property owner money. For property owners this is a great benefit as there is no upfront cost. Additionally, the property owner will get the money and be able to choose the contractor of their choice to complete the needed repairs.

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