Hurricane Harvey was truly an unexpected storm which left behind widespread devastation across the entire Texas Gulf Coast. As a result, many home and property owners are filing claims with insurance companies who are already overbooked and overworked due to the disaster.

What can be done to safeguard policy holders and ensure their claims are handled in a fair and timely manner? An excellent option is to hire a public adjuster! Many insureds are not aware of the services public adjusters offer and here are a few key factors and benefits:

  • Public adjusters work solely in behalf of policy holders: Public adjusters do not work for insurance companies. Rather, they are hired by insured clients to work on their behalf in preparing and presenting each claim to the respective insurance company and negotiating a settlement.
  • Public adjusters are legal: According to Texas law, only the insurance policy holder or a hired public adjuster is allowed to negotiate a claim. Stay on the alert!! Contractors are allowed to refer policy holders to public adjusters. However, if a contractor or roofer state that they can handle a claim on behalf of a policy holder, they are not being truthful and are breaking the law.
  • Public Adjusters must be licensed in the state of Texas: Licenses can be verified on the Texas Department of Insurance website to verify credentials.

Our licensed and professional team of public adjusters at Morgan Elite Specialist Services work exclusively for policy holders and have their best interests in mind and at heart. On average, our clients receive 30% more compensation on their claims and our services are based on a contingency fee. If we do not earn you any money, you do not owe us anything!

We assist with home and flood insurance claims, open claims, and denied or underpaid claims.  Policyholders have nothing to lose and much more to gain when utilizing our services. Inspections and consultations are always free of charge. Call today!