Morgan Elite Specialist Services is a team of certified public adjusters who are extremely proud to diligently serve policyholders in our community with the respect and care they deserve! We assist with a multitude of insurance needs and no, we are not brokers or agents, and do not work for insurance companies.

Consumers are often astounded at their rights as policyholders. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not willingly bullet point rights in black and white on the cover page of an insurance policy nor are they highlighted in the news! Representation and litigation are two absolute rights entitled to every policyholder.

Representation:  Without question, policyholders are entitled to have their own representation for an insurance claim.  In Texas, the only two parties which are allowed to negotiate a claim on behalf of the insured is the actual policyholder or a hired public adjuster.

Our experienced public adjusters make sure insurance companies treat policyholders fairly, abide by state insurance laws, and act according to written policies during the claim process.  Beware of contractors who assert they can negotiate claims on behalf of policyholders. They are breaking the law and could face legal repercussions.  

Litigation: Many people fear the term ‘litigation’, especially when dealing with insurance and claim issues. We have experienced insurance companies who take advantage of this fear by refusing to pay or underpaying legitimate claims with no consequences. While policyholders are under no obligation to bring suit against an insurance company, it is certainly their right to do so if they wish!

On consultation, Morgan Elite Specialist Services will not sugar coat, fluff up a situation, or talk policyholders into anything they do not want to do. We are simply going to be honest and assist in every way possible. For us, litigation is always a last resort; however, if there is sufficient evidence supporting a case, it is the right of policyholders to bring suit against insurance companies. Furthermore, it is against the law for insurance companies to retaliate in any way.

We offer free consultations and inspections.  If we may assist in any way, please call or chat with us on our website. We would love to hear from you and welcome thoughts on any of our topics!