Unfortunately, Houston and the southeast Texas regions have experienced an onslaught of severe weather such as hail, high winds, and tornadoes in the past few weeks!

While some storm damage may be extremely obvious such as fallen fences or downed trees, other damage may not be apparent until later. For example, a roof may sustain heavy damage that will not become evident until new water leaks or stains appear on the ceiling.

Here are some suggestions to help identify storm-related damage without actually inspecting the roof

* Windows: Inspect screen covers and window beatings. Chips, patterned chunks of missing window beatings, and patterned holes in screens may indicate hail damage.

* Gutters: Patterned dents in gutters and other soft metals often signify hail damage.

* Siding: In more serious and extreme storms, hail has been known to impale soft siding and even take chunks out of brick siding.

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