Insurance lobbyists are fighting for the proposed legislative Senate Bill (SB) 10 and
House Bill (HB) 1774, dubbed ‘The Blue Tarp Bills’. We have discussed what these bills propose and their negative implications in a previous blog. The following are some ways to get involved and protect your rights as Texas citizens, consumers, and insurance policyholders:

  • Support Texas Watch: This indispensable organization has the best interest of every Texan is mind and is a true staple in the consumer aspect of the insurance field! Texas Watch is a non-partisan citizen advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring that insurance companies and other corporations are accountable to their customers ( Visit their web site to join in the campaign against ‘The Blue Tarp Bills’ and find guidance on e-mailing your local representative. The site also offers videos and articles regarding current events in the insurance industry which are unlikely to be found anywhere else.
  • Write a physical letter to your local representative: Penned opinions are noticed and capture the attention of government officials as they recognize the extra effort, time, and sentiment behind the action.
  • Utilize the First Amendment: Freedom of expression is beautiful and a right as an American citizen! There are many ways to communicate your stand and opinions ranging from social media to lobbying in front of local government buildings. Get involved!

We must speak out and fight against injustice for the benefit and safety of our citizens, communities, and nation. Texans should not subjected to ‘The Blue Tarp Bills’ which have negative intentions and will ultimately allow ill-behaved companies to abide by even lower standards. Texas home and business owners are entitled to the coverage outlined in their policies and if passed, these bills will undermine the process.