The various aspects of an insurance claim often catch policyholders off guard, regardless of how many times they have filed a claim. The following information will explain what to expect and offer suggestions to avoid common problems and ease the claim process.

  • The insurance company: Whatever the cause of loss, contact your insurance company immediately and be as detailed as possible concerning the reason for the claim and the resulting damage. The insurance company will explain applicable loss coverage per the situation and policy and schedule an inspection. Our licensed public adjusters at Morgan Elite Specialist Services will provide a professional second opinion if there is any discrepancy concerning coverage.
  • Evidence:¬†Make sure to record and date your own documentation pertaining to the loss. Take pictures, note inspections by licensed professionals, or file anything that can physically prove the loss. Confirmation of the state of the property prior to the damage is also helpful. Sadly, many claims are being denied or underpaid because adjusters are stating other causes for damage rather than the reasons for the claim. Morgan Elite Specialist Services can help!
  • Quotes: Get quotes from multiple contractors, the more the better! This will help insurance companies to accurately indemnify policy holders.
  • Recoverable depreciation: Insurance companies will often pay a portion of a claim settlement up front and hold the remaining funds until the work has been completed. If this is the case, have contractors perform work in a timely manner and issue a certificate of completion to you or the insurance company as soon as possible.
  • Supplements: Supplementation may be required if additional damages are noticed during repairs as a result of the same loss. Call Morgan Elite Specialist Services for clarification.
  • Public adjusters: Morgan Elite Specialist Services is a licensed and experienced team of public adjusters who take the headache out of filing and managing insurance claims! We understand the laws by which insurance companies are required to adhere and ensure policyholders are treated fairly, ethically, and according to policy which is a contractual obligation that should be upheld by all parties involved. As always, we offer free consultations and inspections.