Although Hurricane Cindy came and went without incident, do not sit back and take a load off just yet! Hurricane season is not over until November and we remind our clients of the importance of being prepared for disasters such as hurricanes that threaten property. The following advice will save policyholders time, money, and hassle in the event of an insurance claim:

Verify your insurance policy: Speak with your agent or call one of our licensed Texas public adjusters at Morgan Elite Specialist Services for a professional second opinion. We will explain your insurance policy and coverage and offer the best recommendations per your needs.

Take pictures: Pictures are the best line of defense against insurance companies when proving the actuality of damage. Please be aware that insurance companies can, do, and will fight the legitimacy of each account associated with a claim, regardless if other policy holders on the same street experience related damage. Take pictures of the roof, all exterior parts, and the interior such as attic, ceilings, windows, etc. Pictures are very important and the more, the better!

Do not give up! If your claim is denied or underpaid, give us a call! Our business is to ensure policy holders receive fair and adequate compensation according to their policies and we take pride in our ability to positively assist in navigating the troublesome claims process.

Our team of skilled and experienced public adjusters at Morgan Elite Specialist Services is happy to offer advice or assist at any stage of an insurance claim. As always, consultations and inspections are free of charge!