Watch out… Hail!

North Texas received large hail this past weekend with some areas producing golf ball to baseball size! While it may seem like we are in the clear due to the anniversary of last year’s big hail event that was without incident, it does not warrant breathing easy and not preparing for severe weather.

Please take proper precautions and be ready in case disaster strikes. First and foremost, ensure you and your loved ones are safe and protected from any possible danger. Check insurance policies to confirm your home/business is adequately covered for hail damage with satisfactory limits and conditions. Our certified public adjusters at Morgan Elite Special Services offer valuable assistance in the aftermath of severe weather.

Insurance companies are receiving more claims than ever and unfortunately, paying less than ever as proven and notated in our previous blogs. As a result, insurance premiums have skyrocketed. We do not believe indemnity should be difficult but reality is proving otherwise. Our experienced public adjusters guarantee that policy holders are paid according to individual policies, estimated damages, and current market pricing. No more, no less!

Morgan Elite Specialist Services is a team of professional and passionate insurance policy advocates who are also home owners and policy holders like you! We serve communities across Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania and fight for the rights of all insurance policy holders.

Our qualified public adjusters strive to give hope during the current downward trend of claim handling and work solely for their clients, not the insurance companies. We offer risk- free consultations and inspections, represent your best interests, and are happy to assist in any way!